Dr. David Alan Rich (Washington, D.C./Bologna)

David Rich joined the History Department of the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC, as a Visiting Scholar in 2013 while working in the Office of Special Investigations at the U.S. Department of Justice (1997–2020). As a historian of Russia and the Soviet Union, he conducted extensive research in the archives of the latter’s security services. Most recently, he published on the employment of auxiliaries in perpetrating the Holocaust in German-occupied Poland, and Soviet trials of citizens collaborating with the German occupiers. His chapter, »Law and Accountability, Secrecy and Guilt: The Soviet ›Reinhard‹ Defendants’ Trials, 1960–1970«, is forthcoming in Mobilized for Justice. Society Confronts Nazi Crimes during the Cold War, 1940s–80s, edited by Vanessa Voisin, Irina Tcherneva, and Eric Le Bourhis. He lives in Bologna, Italy.


  • Footsoldiers Face Justice: »Aktion Reinhard« Camp Guards‘ Soviet Trials, 1960 – 1970

    Panel: Panel IX: Jurisdiction Sovjet Union | May 28 Friday 2:00 – 3:00 p.m.