Prof. Dr. Nadège Ragaru (Paris)

Nadège Ragaru, a historian, is Research Professor at Sciences Po Paris, where she teaches the history and memory of socialism and the Holocaust in former Eastern Europe. She was previously Oxpo Scholar at the University of Oxford and Reid Hall Fellow at Columbia University. Her publications include »Et les Juifs bulgares furent sauvés...« Une histoire des savoirs sur la Shoah (2020) (English and Bulgarian translations forthcoming), »Bulgaria as Rescuers? The Social Lives of a 1943 Film Footage and the Visual Holocaust across the Iron Curtain«, in: East European Jewish Affairs (2021) and »The Prosecution of Anti-Jewish Crimes in Bulgaria: Fashioning a Master Narrative of the Second World War (1944–1945)«, in: East European Politics and Societies and Cultures (2019).

Chair of Panels

Panel VIII: Jurisdiction Czechoslovakia

May 28 Friday 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.